According to International Labour Organization (LOI), over 25% of youths in Africa are unemployed. In Kenya, youth unemployment is a ticking time bomb where it’s estimated 6 in every 10 youths are unemployed and the situation is worse in the informal settlements and rural areas due to high level of poverty and illiteracy.
Majority of families in the informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya, live from hand to mouth thus unable to support their youths to access advanced education or skills that would enable them to compete for limited job opportunities or start own business.
Due to the above reasons, we have teamed up with other wellwishers to equip over 300 marginalized youths with business skills and basic vocational skills such as computer use, tailoring & dressmaking and carpentry. The project graduates have been able to secure employment while others have started their own business thus contributing to breaking of vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy.