Approximately 65% of women & girls in Kenya are unable to afford sanitary pads. The situation is worse among school going girls from poor families who mostly reside in the informal settlements and rural areas.
Majority of families in the informal settlements and rural areas of Kenya survive on less than one dollar per day thus unable to buy sanitary pads for their girls during menstruation. This has led to majority of local vulnerable girls to use rags, cow dung and leaves which are unhealthy thus causing complication in their lives. Also few of them have opted to engage in early sex or transactional sex in exchange for sanitary pads which has led to unplanned pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS STDs leading to school dropout, forced child marriage or death.
The above challenges have prompted us to implement Reproductive & Development Health Project that involves providing sanitary pads & facilitating mentorship sessions to over 1200 vulnerable girls. Through this project, vulnerable girls are able to attend school throughout hence improving on their academics as well as boosting their self esteem.