Sustainability is key in maintaining the livelihood and future of any community based organization. Thanks to our dedicated team, key partners, charitable volunteers, and proceeds from our microfinancing and vocational skills training projects, we have been able to grow and continue our support for the community. However in order to handle increasing annual costs, facilitate new projects, and reach out to a larger population, we are always seeking new internal projects to maintain sustainability. This struggle has led us to our latest sustainability project-the One Chicken One Girl project. 

This project began in 2014 with an aim to generate funds to supply 1,400 local vulnerable girls with sanitary pads & mentorship on a monthly basis. This was part of our Reproduction & Development Health Project. Our chicken farm produces over 300 eggs daily which are sold locally to business enterprises. Part of the proceeds goes toward purchasing sanitary pads while the rest is reinvested back into the project to facilitate expansion.