In our local culture, the youths are seen but not heard. They are rarely seen to get involved with the issues that affect them, and as a result have become voiceless. This has prompted us to start the Mtaa Yangu "My Community" program, where annual events, workshops and seminars are organized to bring together local youths. Here, they can actively participate in the decision making and development of their community.

In the past, annual events have included soccer tournaments to embody leadership and team building skills, clean up days to spread environmental awareness, and culture shows to showcase their talents.  Our workshops and seminars have educated youths on various key issues that have affected their community and encouraged them to take action against those issues.

Mtaa Yangu has benefited the local community by allowing youths to participate in the community, and combat the issues that have affected them. This contributes towards the development of a holistic environment, in which all community members can flourish.